We’ve been to a lot of football games over the years and let me tell you, the midwest has mastered the art of tailgating. They know how to enjoy their football games and it becomes an all day affair with tailgating. They don’t need to be in the stadium – its just as much fun outside the stadium. I remember going to a Wisconsin game walking by rows and rows and rows of tailgaters. Parking lots full of people who brought their own food and entertainment. It’s part of the football life.

We decided to try it out one game – we tailgated – and I get what all the fuss is about! It becomes so much more than the game. It’s a social and physical activity – because let’s be real, once you’re sitting in your seats in a loud stadium its a little hard to be social!

Our friends had a connection to a food truck so we parked it in a couple of our spots and we came a couple hours before the game and lived it up with our fresh mexican food and lawn/parking lot games. It was fun and memorable for the kids. They wish we had a taco truck and coolers full of ice cream with us at all the games.

But what makes tailgating in Arizona not so popular is the heat. This game was in November and it was still really hot – there is no way I would even attempt to tailgate when it’s 108 degrees out. We need cooler games and more tailgating!