Funny Comment…

We had a quiet Sunday afternoon with all the kids lounging around looking through old blog books. I think it’s safe to say they like the pictures, but they love the funny comment posts. When Hallie was younger I recorded so many funny comments. I just don’t do it like I used to. I have 5 kids and they all say things daily that I think I should write down. Part of me thinks it’s funny enough I’ll remember to record it later, and part of me can’t keep up with all the shenanigans going on in this house!

Hallie just told me this afternoon, she actually keeps a notes page on her phone with funny comments she hears so I can start adding a few more of the kids favorite posts for years to come.

Today’s comment is courtesy of Cannon.

I was working on the laundry room renovation and I had the power turned off at the breaker box because I was adding some can lights.

Cannon entered his room and tried turning on the lights and found they weren’t working.

So he says, “My lights aren’t working, the internet must be down.”

So evidently electricity and internet are interchangeable in his little mind – I can see why he would be confused!

Funny Comment…

Yesterday, Briggs had just finished his first day of preschool and he was hopping out of the car.

Briggs: Can Coronavirus be over at Christmas time?
Kara: I don’t know. We’ll have to see.
Briggs: Can Coronavirus be over now?
Kara: Nope, that’s not how it works.
Briggs: Why doesn’t someone just stop pressing the button to make it happen?

He has never been so wise.

So would the person who keeps pressing the coronavirus button please stop? Briggs is over it already! He’s clearly watched Megamind one too many times and he thinks there’s someone sitting in some control tower who’s fallen asleep on the pandemic button!!

Funny comment…

When my two oldest kids were younger I was so much better at recording all the funny things they said. Now, our days are full of funny comments and it’s harder to keep track of them. But my conversation with Briggs the other day had me in stitches.

We had walked 4 houses down the road in 112 degree weather to deliver a gift. We were walking home when Briggs stopped in his tracks completely startled.

Me: What are you doing?
Briggs: (Pulling at the sleeve opening of his shirt) There’s something in there.
Me: What is it?
Briggs: (with a disgusted face) It’s still in there.

He was wearing a new shirt so I thought there might have been a tag in his shirt. I got closer to inspect.

Briggs: (with his hand now down the opposite sleeve) I can’t get it.

I’m pulling his sleeve to see what is stuck in his shirt. He pulls his hand out.

Briggs: It’s slippery!?

I realized there was nothing in his shirt but he was experiencing – or perhaps recognizing the joy of sweat for the first time!! I died laughing. He was looking at me with a look of confusion – as if I caused this!


I love it. I’m not sweating, I’m just slippery!!

Easter…funny comment…

Just before we were ready to go hunt Easter eggs, the kids were running around the house with their Easter buckets.

While holding his bucket, Briggs started recounting a time he almost died. He was talking about his Easter bucket. He was making a silly face – he was so animated recounting this story. (I thought maybe it was related to Easter because we had spent the morning talking about Jesus dying.)

We were all a little confused.

But he insisted and told the story again of the time he almost died. This time he actually sat in his Easter bucket and tilted his head back a little and made the face again.

We finally realize, he’s describing a picture he’s seen of himself sitting in his Easter bucket just weeks after he was born – for some reason, he looks at the picture and thinks he was in danger of death! 🙂

We all about died laughing. I’m not sure when he saw this photo last but he was doing a pretty funny impression.

I think this is last year he’ll fit in that bucket!


I’m not sure how it started, but for as long as I can remember Briggs has requested “launchos” when making meal requests. What is launchos you might ask? Well, it’s nachos for lunch of course. It has to be one of my favorite things he mispronounces – next to ESU (otherwise known as the ASU Sun Devils).

I’m sure when he was just forming words he heard his siblings asking for nachos for lunch and his interpretation became launchos. It stuck with him and it’s became a household name.

But we all know kids only stay cute for so long and before you know it they start pronouncing things correctly. Today was that day.

He asked for nachos – with a clear pronunciation on the N. I repeated, “Launchos?” and he said it again correcting me, “NNNNachos”. He did it – he went and grew up on me and he’ll probably never again utter the phrase launchos – which is unfortunate because I thought it was a great blending of words.

I was telling Hallie when she got home from school that he finally figured it out – she corrected me – Cannon has been working with him to say it correctly. Before you know it, he’ll realize I don’t have super powers. It’s a slippery slope!