Apple stock…

Hunter and Steve were having a conversation Saturday about money. Hunter just finished mowing the lawn at his grandparents house and was feeling good about his new cash. Steve took the opportunity to give a lesson in money and investing and explained how the stock market works. Hunter asked a lot of questions and you could tell his wheels were spinning. What stock could he buy? How long would he have to hold it until it made money? When could he sell it? I didn’t hear anymore about the conversation until this afternoon when I got this text from Hunter’s friend’s mom.

I’m sure these two ten-year-old boys were scheming what they were going to do with all their profit from the stocks they are going to buy. Next lesson is how to invest that money into a business and he could be an entrepreneur!

Hedbanz confusion…

If I’m being honest – playing games with kids can be downright painful. Bennett is a master at Sequence for Kids, he has a high winning percentage. He’s even good at Sorry and Life. Hedbanz…not so much. We were playing it this afternoon and right out of the gate, he just starts guessing his card. Am I a sandwich? Am I an elephant? Am I a tree? It didn’t matter how many times I tried  to explain the concept of the game, he just kept trying to guess his card.

A couple weeks back he was with the babysitter when I got a text from her. They were playing hedbanz and the babysitter had the bacon card. She kept asking questions and couldn’t figure out what her card was. Am I a food? No. Do I have wheels? No. Do I have a tail? No.


After 10 minutes, she was ready to throw in the towel. She gave up and looked at the card. “I asked you if I was a food!” Bennett looked confused. You’re not a food, tree trunks aren’t a food. She was laughing pretty hard – “Tree trunks?!” Bennett gave her a look like, “Duh – can you not see that is a tree trunk?” “It’s bacon. BACON you silly boy! He shrugged his shoulders, “That’s weird.” We’re going to stick with Sequence for kids!

Bennett’s exciting lunch plans…

Bennett’s excitement is often contagious and exhausting at the same time. There was quite the buzz around our house today because tomorrow is brunch for lunch. It is hands down the best lunch the cafeteria serves all month and it’s the only day my kids eat hot lunch. Brunch for lunch was my favorite growing up as well.

Bennett started talking about brunch for lunch while he was making his lunch this morning. The first thing he told me when he got off the bus today was that he was getting hot lunch for the first time tomorrow. He walked me through how he’s going to do hot lunch. He’s never done it before but “he’s just going to copy the guy in front of him.” When Steve got home from work, Bennett went on and on about lunch tomorrow. At dinner he talked about it – we were all doing our best to take interest in the conversation while trying to not break out in laughter. And let me tell you – these are not boring conversations. He’s acting things out – he’s making voices – he’s dancing…all signs of his utter excitement.

After dinner we were in the living room playing. “Hey mom…” “Buddy – we’re done talking about lunch tomorrow.” “But…” He trails on about some random question about the oranges they’ll be serving at lunch. And then as he walked to bed, he asked us to remind him that he doesn’t need to make a lunch tomorrow. I’m pretty dang sure he’ll have no troubles remembering. In fact, I won’t be surprised if has trouble sleeping because the anticipation is just too great.

Bennett brunch for lunch

I sure hope this lunch lives up to all the hype and expectation. I hope he doesn’t drop his tray, spilling his food, walking out of the food line. I hope he doesn’t bug his teacher wanting lunch to come too soon. And you better believe I’m going to have the video camera rolling when he gets home so he can give me every single solitary detail of his experience. Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Too bad he doesn’t have a shirt that says, “Brunch for lunch is my jam”.

Preschool and swearing…

Bennett’s preschool teacher sends an email every week telling the parents the happenings from the week. She goes over the letters they learned, funny things the kids say as well as any information that might be important to parents.

This is my fourth year with this teacher – I know the routine. So each week I get the email, I scan through it to see if Bennett is mentioned and then I skip to the last paragraph which contains important info. Bennett is over flowing with funny comments so he’s mentioned frequently in emails.

I read the last weekly update and was surprised to see Bennett quoted twice. The first comment was typical of his humor. The second comment…I was a little surprised…and so was the teacher. Here’s a paragraph from her email:

“We learned what happens when s and h get together. Sh! They break the rules and make their own new sound! We found lots of sh words. Shark, sheets, share, sheep, shop and shut the door! Funny story; we were finding sh words and the children were ‘shushing’ to find words; Shhhhhip! Shhhharptooth! Quite innocently, Bennett shushed and came up with, shh, shh, shhhhit! Completely unaware of what he had just said, he smiled as he looked up for validation. I stifled my surprised giggle. Right! It is an sh word! But, it’s not a good word. How about shut? Yah! Let’s go with that! Shut! Good job, Bennett! Sheesh!”

My mom was visiting when I received the email and we were both dying of laughter. Even when he’s not trying to be funny he still makes me laugh. For the record – that’s not a word he’s heard in this house and I’m pretty sure the only “swear” words he’s aware of are stupid, shut up and using the Lord’s name in vain.

It’s a good thing his preschool teacher has a sense of humor and knows how to roll with it!

 photo 20160227-DSC_5211.jpg


Bennett is the comedian of the family. He’s animated and he knows how to put on a show. I always think I’m going to remember all of the little one liners and sadly I never remember. Heres a few (some from a while ago) from my phone…
Life with Fingerprints-8369 photo LifewithFingerprints-8369.jpg
He woke up in the middle of the night screaming for me. I rushed to his room and he was really disoriented and couldn’t seem to tell me why he called me in. After stuttering a few times he finally pointed to his pillow, “My pillow is stinky.” I picked it up and sure enough it was covered in drool. I flipped it over and told him it wasn’t stinky anymore. He put his face in and smelled. And then laid down and went to sleep.

He was in nursery at church and the leaders could smell a stinky diaper. They checked one kid when Bennett came running over and in a loud and boisterous song, sang, “I’m poopy.”

Bennett has become quite the entertainer at church and has captured everyone’s hearts. He walks around with Steve before the meeting starts shaking everyone’s hands. A boy at church saw Bennett working the crowd and asked, “How did Bennett get so famous when he’s so little.”

We were sitting at the table eating lunch when I referred to him as “honey”. He shot me a “don’t you dare” look and said, “What you say to me?” “Honey, you need to eat your lunch.” He quickly shot back, “You no call me honey…Anna calls me honey.” Anna is his 3 year-old BFF who clearly has a nickname for Mr. B!

He was talking quickly and I could only make out a few words out of each sentence. I heard “big burpions”. Seconds later I heard “little burpions.” I had no clue what he was referring to until he mentioned Steve’s foot and then I knew he was talking about scorpions. So I corrected him and then next time he said it he really enunciated…BURRRRpions. He thought he nailed it. I gave him a high five indicated he nailed it!

He picked up the phrase, “Who cares” and he’s been using it in the funniest situations but rarely is it used in the right context. One particular time he used it correctly. While in nursery, the leader was talking about one of the kids finishing their snack. Bennett chimes in, “Who cares about Johnny’s snack.”

I dropped him off at preschool and as he got out of the car he saw his friend. He was trying to get his attention to slow down and wait for him. “Buddy! Buddy! Hey buddy, wait for me. Buddy do you see me? Hi buddy.” Clearly we need to work on names of classmates because I’m pretty sure with how many times he said buddy, he had no clue what his name was!