Grandma’s Visit…

Everything is better when my mom comes to visit. I typically get her for long periods of time but this was a short trip. Steve was out of town for a while and she came at the tail end and offered relief. Much needed relief.

We were able to go to the Phoenix Temple open house just as she arrived in town. I was without kids which made the whole experience much quieter and less sticky! Loved being there with my mom.
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The kids were beyond excited to see her and one of their first requests was time at the piano. Hunter is now getting in on the fun and is probably just about ready for lessons.
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We went shopping here and there, she helped me with some sewing for the Halloween costumes, we rode bikes and went to the state fair. We cleaned the kitchen and dirtied the kitchen, and cleaned and dirtied. I showed her how to make my delicious potato knot rolls which we reluctantly taste tested over and over again. We made Cannon’s first birthday cake which he more or less turned up his nose at.

She was able to attend the primary program at our church in which the kids nailed their parts and Hallie did awesome on her solo. All things that grandmas love to see.
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Hallie had her birthday during the visit which meant birthday decorations, birthday lunch, class treats and we snuck a trip in to Last Chance!
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I adore this woman on so many levels and yet we are so different. I like big productions, details and cutesy and my mom…she doesn’t. I like to poke fun at her for the one Halloween decoration we had in the house growing up. Those that have seen my house at Halloween will know that I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum. Its just not her thing so I have to laugh when she comes to visit and I wonder what she thinks when she sees me putting up a photo background and baking and decorating a cake for a one year old photoshoot. I’m sure she was rolling her eyes at me as I hand painted the lego costumes while we enjoyed an episode of Gilmore Girls late at night. But even though she thinks I’m crazy at times, she still steps in and helps me out. Thats the best type of friend to have!
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I hate that we live so far away!