Father’s Day Ideas…

Father’s day is around the corner and we’re gearing up to celebrate Steve. Here’s some easy ideas from years past that gets the kids involved that I’m sure will be recycled this year!

I think we need to recreate this picture with Cannon:
 Fathers Day Photo

The kids like to give him homemade cards and candy posters.
 photo 20140615-DSC_6437.jpg
Fathers Day Candy Poster

The kids dressed in “tie shirts” all day – and Steve had a matching one.
 photo 20090621-DSC_3399-1.jpg
 photo 20090621-Chicago June 2009 171.jpg

They fill out a questionnaire about their dad. (Download printable file) Life with Fingerprints: Father's Day Interview Fathers Day Interview These always crack me up – like Hunter saying, “Dad loves to go to…meetings.” who doesn’t love a good meeting!


Memorial Day Weekend 2015…

Memorial day weekend: A chance to head to the mountains and enjoy cool weather, go to bed late, wake up early and eat a lot of food with some of our favorite people! Gathering so many Pothier’s is no easy task, yet when it can be done, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

There was a summer kick-off party at the community pool that the kids enjoyed. There was nail painting, sno-cones, cotton candy and they were passing out sunglasses. These girls were in heaven!
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8490.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8505.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8508.jpg
Cannon wasn’t entirely sure what cotton candy was. In fact, none of it ever made it in his mouth. He did use it as a wand and made sure to rub it all over his head. He smelled delicious!
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8495.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8498.jpg
Bennett practiced his cannon balls in the heated pool and stopped every once in a while to enjoy his treat.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8512.jpg
Hunter spent most of his time and energy at this spot. He built and re-built and had cousins by his side the whole time. It reminded me of myself, years ago visiting my grandma in Montana, I had a pretty good fort going!
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8587.jpg
We played tennis. It’s been a while since we played but it was fun to get back in it.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150525-DSC_8596.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150525-DSC_8599.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150525-DSC_8597.jpg

Sunday we went to church.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8536.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8528.jpg
This picture was too cute not to post: My awesome nephew and his darling wife (we attended their wedding in NC) who are expecting their first kid.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8583.jpg
After church we spent time gathered in one cabin. Eating, talking and playing games. So many fun games. Steve said Sunday afternoon was by far his favorite from the whole weekend.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150602-IMG_3585.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8589.jpg
We played hide and seek throughout the whole house – Adults vs Kids/Teens. I thought for sure we would win with my amazing hiding spot…in the dryer. First of all – it’s a pretty small dryer. My brother-in-law and I were dying of laughter as I struggled to climb in. He hid right next to the dryer to make sure nobody accidentally turned it on! And even though I was the last adult to be found – we still lost to the kids.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150602-IMG_3584.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150602-IMG_3583.jpg
We gathered that night for a family fireside – minus the fire. These kids sang a song and the older half of the cousins each talked for a few minutes. It made me grateful for all the great examples my kids have to look up to – they are some great kids. Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8594.jpg

It was a great weekend for lounging, meaningful conversations and to reconnect. The family as a whole is starting to change as more of the kids grow-up, go to college, go on missions, get married and start having families of their own. Seeing Rob and Kathryn pregnant put into perspective that our children will be closer to their cousin’s children rather than their cousins.

And then I saw this picture and thought – A cousin is a cousin no matter the age. And this cousin was great to watch Saturday morning cartoons with Mr. B.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150525-IMG_2044.jpg

Grateful for these friendships and weekends like this to spend time together.

Happy New Year…

Never failing, Christmas break means someone is down sick. This year Steve is the unfortunate victim and it’s not looking pretty. He opted out of all New Years Eve activities so he could get some rest which meant I could put the youngest two down to bed before heading out to hang with family.

Our brother and sister-in-law are back in town from a semester in China and they were kind enough to host everyone at their house despite not being fully unpacked. We had missed out on a lot of cousin time with them and we were trying to make it up in one night!
20150101-2015-01-01 home 3997 photo 20150101-2015-01-01home3997.jpg

We played games. Wits and Wagers is a new family favorite that some friends introduced us to. We typically play it with two other couples, but we played it in teams and it was just as fun.
20141231-2014-12-31 home 3959 photo 20141231-2014-12-31home3959.jpg
We did fireworks. It doesn’t rain very often, but it rained all day long. It was looking like we wouldn’t get any off but the rain cleared just long enough to see some sparks.
20150101-DSC_4851 photo 20150101-DSC_4851.jpg
20150101-DSC_4854 photo 20150101-DSC_4854.jpg
20150101-DSC_4912 photo 20150101-DSC_4912.jpg
20150101-DSC_4900 photo 20150101-DSC_4900.jpg
And we toasted to the new year.
20150101-DSC_4861 photo 20150101-DSC_4861.jpg
20150101-DSC_4874 photo 20150101-DSC_4874.jpg
20150101-DSC_4868 photo 20150101-DSC_4868.jpg
20150101-2015-01-01 home 4005 photo 20150101-2015-01-01home4005.jpg
It was late by the time we got home. I dreamed of sleeping in but that dream was slashed at 7am upon Bennett waking up. Needless to say we had a pretty lazy day today. Steve’s still sick. Hallie took a nap on the couch today and I even shut my eyes for a little while. We’re great hosts for my sister visiting!

Our imperfect Christmas tree…

My instagram feed is full of beautifully decorated Christmas trees right now. They might as well be professionally decorated trees, they look that nice. Perfectly placed matching ornaments with a graceful ribbon running spiral down the whole tree. I’m still wondering if they were taking pictures from the cover of dwell magazine and putting it in their feed.

Then I look at my own tree and I smile. The tree is crooked and we’re missing a couple lights. The kids insist on putting every ornament we own on the tree – including Steve’s 2nd grade masterpiece his mom kept all these years – and because the kids put the ornaments on it’s a little bottom heavy. We have homemade, gifted, souvenir and collectible ornaments gracing our tree. Every time I turn around the kids are rearranging the ornaments and I always know where Bennett has been because there will be a cluster of 6 ornaments on the same branch! It’s a hodge podge of sorts that I’m sure hurts the eyes of many but I really love it.
Life with Fingerprints: Imperfect Christmas tree, Christmas Day in the Morning
I love the excitement in the kids as they watch me unwrap the ornaments shouting with excitement which one is their very favorite. I too have my favorites and I carefully place them at the top of the tree to avoid any casualties. And aside from the few I put at the top the rest is free reign and the kids have a grand time. The best part is, when we’re done and we turn off the lights and the tree glows, it is the most beautiful tree you’ve ever seen. Will it be gracing the cover of any magazines…nope. But my kids are pretty proud of it.
Life with Fingerprints: Imperfect Christmas tree, Christmas Day in the Morning
And we kicked off the season with a special reading of Christmas Day in the Morning by the glow of the tree – that book gets me every time!Life with Fingerprints: Imperfect Christmas tree, Christmas Day in the Morning

We labored…

It’s labor day, so we labored and then we played.

Steve was off school so he agreed to help me replace two toilets and two ceiling fans. Those that know my husband know what a sacrifice this truly is…he hates home projects more than anything. But he agreed and I wasn’t about to ask twice!

Of course, there are always hiccups and sure enough, we pull out the first toilet to find a completely rotted toilet flange. So rotted that it couldn’t even hold the screw for the toilet. It was literally in pieces which meant that our quick fix switch was not going to be the case.
Life with Fingerprints: Labor day fun and projects
I couldn’t do anything without a run to the Depot so we left that project and went to the ceiling fans. I’ve had these fans purchased and sitting in the garage since February. It was about time we installed them!! Not only were our brass fans ugly – they weren’t functional.
Life with Fingerprints: Labor day fun and projects

The run to Home Depot took longer than expected and by the time I got home it was time to play. Steve’s rule is work in the morning, play in the afternoon, don’t mix the two!

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening swimming and BBQing with family – the way every labor day should end!
Life with Fingerprints: Labor day fun and projects
Life with Fingerprints: Labor day fun and projects
Life with Fingerprints: Labor day fun and projects
Life with Fingerprints: Labor day fun and projects
Life with Fingerprints: Labor day fun and projects