Making progress…

We’re a little over a week into the kitchen/playroom/office remodel and although demo is relatively fun – it’s still hard work and we had a lot to demo. At this point we have a whole section of the house taped off with plastic – where the kids can’t access anymore. Steve is now second guessing the whole project! 😉

We started with the playroom demo. We let the kids help kick off the remodel project by hitting hammers against the wall and they were so excited to get the party started. By the third day, they were moving bricks out of the playroom and suddenly the remodel wasn’t nearly as much fun.  We love to include them in the projects and we have found working together to be beneficial for our family. The trick is finding tasks that are age appropriate. Hallie, Hunter and Bennett are great workers and are helpful in moving stuff to the trash. Cannon’s ability to help is more limited but he was able to move some bricks. Briggs is at an age where we just try and keep him out of the space.

We had friends bring their kids over to help move the brick. Watching the kids stand in a brick line, passing from one to the other, was great and they were so proud of themselves by the time they finished the pile.

As part of the remodel, the cabinets and countertops needed to go. I called a couple rehab places to see if they wanted them but it didn’t work out with any of them. So, I posted the kitchen for free on craigslist. The whole thing. Someone would need to show up with manpower to carefully remove them all, but they would be rewarded for their efforts. I had so many calls within the first ten minutes of the ad, I had to pull the ad. Some man, who lives with his aging mother, came and disassembled everything and drove away with it all in a uhaul. He’s going to paint them and install them in his mother’s place. It took him two whole days. It was a win-win. He got a new kitchen and we didn’t have to demo it!

With the cabinets gone, we went to work on the kitchen.

Over the last week, we’ve spent many evenings covered in drywall dust. (It’s a good thing this space is tented to contain all the dust.) We’re removing several non load bearing walls to open up the space, which meant all the drywall needed to come down. Have I mentioned we have great friends? They showed up multiple nights to lend a hand. Hopefully we get this project moving along so we can go back to playing pickle ball with them in the evenings!