Graduate Parade…

Hallie donned her cap and gown for the first time for the first ever “Graduate Parade” for our high school. Graduates were bussed to their old elementary school where they were greeted by enthusiastic students lining the hallways and courtyards with homemade signs. They cheered and screamed as they stuck out their hands to generously give high fives to all the graduates walking by.

There was so much energy and so much excitement. The graduates walked their old hallways and gave hugs to tearful educators who supported them at a much younger age. At one point, I stood in the courtyard as the kids chanted in unison “MVT” (the local high school they will be a part of one day) as the graduates made their way through. It was a simple, yet powerful and emotional moment – representative of so many people cheering these graduates on as they venture into an unknown world. I hope they make that transition with the energy of those third graders who were screaming for them in excitement.

Briggs and Cannon were lucky enough to be cheering for their sister and her friends. The looks on their faces when they saw their sister walking by was priceless – they knew a celebrity that day and they let all their friends know it!

And Hallie was so cute and just as excited to see them – the way she looked into their eyes and pullsed them in was magical.

100 days…

They were invited to dress up like 100-year-olds at school to celebrate the 100th day of school – but he went with the classic Booker jersey instead. But he came home with a fancy hat and that’s almost as good as looking old. 🙂

Thankful…Briggs’ edition…

Before Thanksgiving we attended Briggs’ classroom “family traditions” learning event. His school is pushing regular learning events where parents come in to the classroom to see presentations. They’re usually pretty quick – think 2nd graders – and sometimes I wonder if they’re even worth attending.

But then I walk in and see my kid beaming and I’m reminded why I show up. He wants us there – even if it’s for less than 5 minutes and then he begs us to take him out of school early.

(It made me think of a video I saw earlier this week of kids spotting their parents at events and how they light up. Take a look if you want to smile.)

Briggs is thankful for the following hobbies: Soccer, football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and… art.

The people he’s thankful for: Family, grandparents, teachers, friends and best friends.

Food he’s thankful for: Cotton candy, pears and grapes.

First day of school…a series…

Hallie asked if I was going to post all of her first day of school pictures together and I couldn’t help but love the suggestion. We started doing our traditional chalkboard photos for the first day of school after we moved into this home so the earliest we have for her is first grade – but we’ve carried the tradition ever since. Hard to believe we’ve taken her last first day pictures.

First day of school 2023…part 2…

More picture fun from the first day of school. So glad they still indulge me and have a little fun with these pictures. No one takes themselves too seriously around here.

Although my kids are totally comfortable with the bus and their school, I like to drive them on their first day. And then we try and find our neighborhood friends so we can snap pictures together.

Bennett was hoping I wouldn’t get back in time to see him off on the bus – but he wasn’t so lucky. I’ve been taking pictures of this group since kindergarten. They couldn’t have thought I was going to leave them pictureless just because they’re moving on to junior high!

Hallie loves pictures/preserving memories just as much as I do so I knew she would deliver.

I asked Hunter if he took pictures with any of his friends on the first day of school and he laughed at me. I wasn’t joking. I knew I should’ve driven him to school the first day:)