Another school project…

All my kids approach school projects a little differently – all of them good in their own way. Bennett’s approach has not changed since he was assigned his first project back in kindergarten.

When he gets an assignment, it doesn’t matter when the due date is, he wants to turn it in the day after it was assigned. Never fails, he comes home in a tizzy demanding we work on this right now and then I find out the due date is three weeks down the road. Let me tell you – if that deadline is three weeks down the road, I am not going to be offering all my time and attention on day one! 🙂

This has been a struggle over the years. His anxiousness to get it started, and my desire to work through a planning phase before jumping in. His desire to get it done quickly often overshadows the need for quality work – something we’ve been working on for years.

This project is part of an animal report he had to do on the flying squirrel. He had to come up with a diorama to go along with his report. After some frustration of not being sure of how he wanted to depict the trees, he landed on this idea and I love how it turned out. He was forced to slow down just a bit because Amazon only works so quickly.

I’m learning to address his needs of urgency and he’s learning to think through a project before jumping in – we’re both making progress!

Briggs the Cowboy…

How in the world is it finally “Cowboy” day at school. All these theme days mark time for me in the preschool year. Cowboy day seems to mark the steady roll down hill to the end of school. How is January over?

He’s been talking about this day for a while. I think his teacher must really hype up this day because every day he was asking Alexa how many days until January 28th. He made his horse days ago. He decorated his marshmallow guns. And today…he was ready.

He came home and we had a full fledged marshmallow war. The problem was he would shoot a marshmallow and then pick it up and eat it. Shoot another, eat it. Before long our war was over because he ran out of ammunition! I asked how he was going to shoot his brothers when they got home from school and he gave me a surprised and concerned face. “You need to go buy a new bag of marshmallows.” 🙂

And this is our 8th and only living stick horse.

Lunch and Learn…

Steve is fully embracing our remote learning schedule. He has taken it upon himself to institute lunch and learn lessons.

A couple times a week during lunch, he brings out the whiteboard and he teaches the kids about finance and business. Sometimes it’s teaching them concepts (revenue and expenses), other times he’s teaching application, applying it to the small scale businesses their friends are running. They are learning about the stock market and at what rate they would evaluate a business and be willing to buy in.

Hallie and Hunter have had friends over to do school and they too jump in and get involved in the discussion. It’s unconventional, but they’re learning and I love it.

Our last first day of preschool…

Today was a great day. This kid has been waiting patiently for his turn to start school. Everyday his siblings have logged in and attended school and he kept asking when he would start. Today was that special day. And what made it more special was that his was in-person – his siblings are a little jealous.

Last year when we dropped him off for his first day he cried and cried. This year, he said goodbye and shut the car door and didn’t look back. A year makes all the difference!

I’m not sure who was more excited about today, me or him! He has been surprisingly good over the last month while his siblings have done school from home, but he loves to hop in and out of their videos and be silly in the background. Preschool will be a great break for him outside of the house.

The theme for his preschool this year is Trolls. Every year it’s a new elaborate theme and the teacher goes all out. Including sewing personalized backpacks for each of the kids and she even included a brush so they could brush their troll’s hair. She does everything next level.

He is going to be heaven – preschool with his buddies – life could not get better for this 4-year-old!

Science camp…

It’s hard to remember what life was like pre-corona. But then I come across pictures like this and a flood of memories comes back. Hunter went to science camp with his school back in March. They were gone the few days before the school shut down for spring break. They never returned to school. Hunter had no idea he was living his best life with his friends. The day after this we left for spring break and days after we returned home everything shut down and wouldn’t see his best friends for over two months.

These pictures are bitter sweet for that reason. I’ve been sitting on them all this time, hoping Hunter might make an appearance and share his experience. But after 5 months, it’s time to get them posted.

Science Camp

Life pre-corona. Where you could jam 100 kids on a bus and no one thought otherwise. You could bunk it up with your friends and there were no masks. You could learn in person.

I went to the parent information meeting for this back in January. I sheepishly returned home and informed Steve that I had signed him up as a potential chaperone, but they were not going to be able to take everyone that signed up. He was less than pleased. I don’t think many are jumping out of their seats to take off work to go chaperone a school field trip. As luck would have it, he was chosen to go along with several of Hunter’s friends dads.

Science Camp

Hunter was so excited leading up to it – his teacher did a great job of prepping them and building the anticipation.

Steve was far more jazzed about the experience when he showed up the first day and realized it was the very same camp he attended when he was in elementary school – and all the memories came flooding back! They were all smiles the whole trip.

Science Camp
Science Camp
Science Camp
Science Camp
Science Camp
Science Camp
Science Camp
Science Camp
Science Camp
A walk down memory lane – Steve’s cabin he stayed at when he attended as a kid.

In the end, I’m not sure who had more fun, Steve or Hunter. Picking up Hunter from the bus and hearing him with all his buddies recount all their favorite moments was the best. At times they were laughing so hard it was hard to make out what the story was actually about. They told of jokes and skits and songs and activities. Hunter’s eyes told me everything I needed to know – it had been better than anything he was expecting. Having his dad there with him was icing on the cake.