Bennett’s Writings…

Every day at school Bennett has these quick paragraphs where he answers a prompt. (meant to get thoughts on paper every morning without editing) I get a kick out of some of the things he writes .

One prompt asked what he would do if he was 100 feet tall. The paragraph started out fairly normal before things started sounding familiar – as if I had heard this story. It then dawned on me that the second half of his paragraph was describing the intro video they play at the ASU Football games where Sparky (the mascot) looks to be 100 feet tall compared to the small city he’s walking through on his way to the stadium. In the background, there’s a giant haboob (yes, thats a real word – google it!) and Sparky smashes the opponents bus as he enters the stadium. Most of that made it into his paragraph! 🙂

This writing was fun as well. He really does love Idaho and he really loves my brother’s property. And I realized he’s writing so fast he didn’t even spell his middle name correct!

Our Charming 5th Grader…

We had Hunter’s curriculum night at his school. He dressed up for the occasion (the whole class did) and was my tour guide around the classroom.

I found this paper exceptionally charming. One of things you need to know about Hunter – “I’ve lived in the same house for eight years. We’ve redone about two fifths of our house and redid our front yard.”

Two fifths? That’s all the credit he’s going to give me? We only have two bathrooms, one bedroom and a laundry room left – that means I’m well over four fifths!! I keep forgetting to ask how he came up with that number!?

Don’t forget it’s important to know he had athlete’s foot in first grade, Hallie threw up on him and he went to the same preschool as his annoying brothers. When asked about his annoying brothers, he said they had to use so many adjectives and that’s what he landed on. Makes sense for a fifth grade boy!

All about me…Bennett…

He is my third, 3rd grader and this is the 3rd time we’ve made an “all about me” poster.

Bennett doesn’t require much supervision on his homework, he just goes to work. However, when projects are assigned he wants to talk through each step and make sure he’s got it all. The only problem I have with this is he wants to do a whole project like this 10 minutes after he gets home on the first day it was assigned to him – regardless of having a week and a half to work on it.

He’s learned to be patient with me as I’m trying to help everyone with their homework and after school needs. And I’ve learned he needs the time and attention. We’ve found our middle ground; we break the project into parts and we set aside blocks of time to complete them across multiple days – and you better believe he holds me to that schedule!

Although he came up with this idea on his own, he needed help locating pictures and picking up his poster board. The rest is all him.

Here’s a list of his favorites:
Color: Red
Animal: Gorilla
Restaurant: Taco Bell
Movie: Spiderman into the Spider Verse
Food: Burrito Bowls
Sport: Basketball
Book: Stink

Cannon: I felt worried…

Cannon recently came home with this little project from his first day of school. We’re a month into school now so reading this brought back all the emotions of his first day.

There he stood, in a sea of other boys and girls his age waiting for his kindergarten teacher to come pick up his class. He was a ball of nerves and at one point had tears rolling down his face. He pulled it together just in time and stood in the front of the line as the teacher walked them back to the classroom waving goodbye to all the parents.

He got home from school that day and he talked about the highlights of his day. But I never heard him mention anything about that morning – until this little paper came home. They made this the first day of school and there were a whole list of words they could cut out and put on this paper and he chose worried.

He had so many questions as to who was going to be in his class. Was his teacher going to be nice? What is lunch time going to be like? How does recess work? The questions most kids new to school would ask.

I’m happy to report that he only felt worried for a very short minute. The second day of school he was back at it, excited to eat his lunch, ride the bus and see his friends again. But his initial feelings will forever be immortalized in this little paper sitting his memory box.

Walk down memory lane…

With Briggs starting preschool, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. 5 kids – 5 first days of preschool.

Happy back to school!