Watercolor Wednesday…

I ventured out of hand lettering for my watercolor practice today and I’m pretty sure this is going to push me past my comfort zone. I’m not sure why I get so nervous every time I pick up the brush – still unsure as to how this whole process works.


I had several questions regarding supplies and tutorials so I’m going to give you a quick rundown of how I’m figuring this out.

Scrapbook.com has 10 free watercolor classes which is great for the newbie painter. You sign up with your email and it will unlock the classes. I started with the first class that taught some basics and then worked my way through a few of them. Another great resource was a blog with so many video tutorials. One of my co-workers from college, Kristina Werner, is a creative genius. No, she really is. She was creative then and she’s even more creative now. I would often see her posts pop up in my Facebook feed and it always peaked my interest when it was watercolor based. So last fall I went through her blog and found all her posts/tutorials related to watercolors. She posts a video about her process on the project and then posts links to all of the materials she uses. I took notes on countless videos and comprised my own shopping wish list on Amazon. At Christmas, I just shared my wish list with Steve and miraculously he found all the things I wanted! 😉

Here’s a couple things from my wish list (Amazon aff. links):

Here are a couple notes: I love this Kuretake pallet. It has so many great colors and they’re so vibrant on the paper. And I’m realizing its going to last me a long time. I know they also have a couple other pallets with less colors making it less expensive. Watercolor paper is a must – its what allows the paint to stay wet for so long. I’ve been using both traditional paint brushes as well as some of these brushes that you fill with water. I think I prefer the brushes you fill with water for both lettering and painting. The tips seems to be more predictable.

If you need some inspiration, here’s some fun Instagram accounts based on watercolor painting I’ve enjoyed – I love when they post videos of their painting – it really helps learn the process.


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