25 weeks…

The five month comb-over had to come to an end. I wish his eczema would go with it!
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard print, weekly onesie
He looks older and not so baby-like. I was torn about the whole thing. It was Sunday morning before church and I was tired of the old man look so I chopped it – three inches off the top! (Bennett was almost a year and a half when he got his first haircut – and even then, he didn’t have much to cut off)

We’ve introduced peas into his diet and he doesn’t seem to mind them. He’s a big boy and has outgrown his 3-6 month clothing. He babbles and babbles, loves the sound of his voice. Still swaddled to sleep – I’m confident by the time he goes to kindergarten we’ll have him weened!

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24 weeks…

Life with Fingerprints: 24 weeks, weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints
In fear that he was withering away to nothing, we started him on solids! Okay really- I’m just hoping for a longer stretch of sleep through the night. He’s eating rice cereal and he’s tolerating it like a champ. Babies trying foods for the first few times are funny. They’re unsure if the texture is a good thing or a bad thing and Cannon’s eyes are exceptionally expressive.

I tried getting him to sleep without the woombie and that ended in a boy without a nap. We’re not going to stop the swaddle quite yet! He’s decided the pacifier isn’t his thing and cries anytime I put it near his mouth. Not sure how I feel about that but it beats having to make sure we always have a pacifier with us.

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23 weeks…

I’ll kiss this frog prince any chance I get! Life with Fingerprints: 23 weeks, weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints We’re starting to get a handle on his skin issues but I have a feeling the hot dry summer won’t be good to us! When I hold him without his clothes on he breaks out horribly – something in the oils of my skin does not work well with his skin. We use special lotion that doesn’t smell. So I get him out of the tub and I just want to lather him with baby lotion and snuggle his brains out- we don’t do either! I miss that sweet baby smell!

He has a new love for the Baby Einstein videos. They kind of drive me batty but he likes them. We’ve started feeding him baby oatmeal and he’s taking it like a champ. Here’s to hoping I can catch a few more zzzz’s at night when he has a full belly!

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22 weeks…

Look who’s five months old…and he’s got skills… Life with Fingerprints; Baby weekly photo, chalkboard baby prints Drooling skills, screaming skills, spitting up skills…he’s the the master! He’s more aware of his surroundings and notices when we leave him in a room alone and of course he cries. He’s fighting sleep more and more which makes daytime naps few and far between. He takes the pacifier occasionally but he’s not attached to it like our first two kids were. Toys are becoming a little more interesting but not quite entertaining. He still sleeps in the woombie and with a sound machine. Diapers must not be fitting as well these days because we seem to be having issues in the poop department. He’s going through a lot of clothing! He no longer enjoys the swing which is one thing we can remove from the living room and pack away!

He giggles and smiles and it makes grateful for a healthy strong baby.

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21 weeks…

Kiss me…I’m Irish a baby.  photo 20140311-DSC_1375-Edit.jpg He’s found his legs and he loves to stand. He loves his hands; in his mouth, in his eyes and most importantly scratching his forehead. It’s warming up nicely and his legs and arms that have been covered since birth are finally seeing some daylight. Who doesn’t love some chubby baby thighs? He’s losing some hair in the back and the sides are pretty thin so he’s rockin’ the combover. A haircut is in his near future. He’s still waking up during the night to feed but it’s getting later and later and I’m hoping once we introduce solids we’ll be done with night time feedings…a tired mom can dream, right?

See more of his chalkboard art.